Pay it forward 2013

Ages ago now, I wrote a post about a hat I had made for a friend after both of us posting a commitment to “pay it forward”. Anyway, after an anxious wait thanks to Royal Mail, my friend’s gift to me arrived and I cried! She had made and painted a gorgeous cat figurine which I’m still trying to find the right place for. I wish I had that amount of creativity!


This cute kit does need a name though, any ideas?

I made this!

A few weeks ago on facebook, I put a post up in reference to pay it forward 2013 where the first 5 people who comment on the post will eventually receive something that you have made for them. This is the first of those things that I made and has been posted today. I had already decided I was going to make a hat but needed a huge amount of inspiration so I googled until my eyes turned square and then found this hat  on the stitch sharer, have a look it really is easy!