Pride in Medway

I feel very privileged to have been a Pride in Medway finalist and last Saturday I attended a gala evening with a fellow SERV Kent volunteer. I didn’t expect to win anything as all the other finalists were just as worthy, if not more so. The evening was fantastic with good food (and wine) and some hugely heart warming stories. I was surprised that we were all given lovely silver photo frames and am still trying to decide which picture I should put in mine. Fortunately, my guest is more adept with a camera than I am so I have a few good ones to choose from. We both started the evening with the obligatory selfie so that one might well make the short list.
We were all presented our frames by the Sangeeta Bhabra from ITV Meridian and Andy Hessenthaler, manager of Gillingham FC. Surprisingly, I wasn’t star struck but did feel a little emotional but managed not to cry.
I would like to say a huge thanks (for the millionth) time to the volunteer coordinator at the University of Kent for my nomination and a huge congratulations to all the winners, very well deserved wins in my opinion.
My volunteering is not done to get myself personal acclaim but as a student at the University, they could only nominate me for the award. As far as I’m concerned, the honour was as much for all my fellow volunteers as it was for me and I hope it gains us as much coverage as possible. If you would like to find out more about what SERV Kent does, have a look at our website and maybe even sign up as a volunteer while you’re there. Please remember that while we are also looking for riders and drivers, we also need people to join us as controllers which is the role I have and thoroughly enjoy.

Timetables and buses

Got my lecture timetable today, I have 2 a week and have still to find out yet about seminars and tutorials.
I am still ridiculously excited about my new future, especially now I can see what I will be doing every week of this academic year.

As I now know which days I need to be in on, I decided to look into bus passes. My local bus company offer a few for students but the savings aren’t that great so I called them to check and got told that not all passes save you money! I always thought that was the point of a bus pass but maybe I’m just weird lol

I think I have decided which pass to aim for and might also start properly investigating the Medway area by bus, something I haven’t yet got round to.