Well, I survived the job centre, they have referred me to a provider that will help me find work around my university studies. This provider tried ringing me twice but didn’t leave a message so I only discovered it was them thanks to Google. I called them back only to be told that I couldn’t arrange an appointment that way and I’d have to wait for them to call me again! When they called back yesterday, even the guy arranging the appointment agreed it was a ridiculous waste of time!
Putting them to the back of my mind this weekend, got to do some research about putting TV cameras in courtrooms and come up with arguments against with 2 other students so we can present it to the rest of our class, eek!

Job Centre time

To cut a very long and boring story short, last year, I had a job that made me feel worthless and I got divorced. Cue depression. I’m not talking about the “oh I can’t be bothered” type ennui. I mean actual, thinking of ending it all depression.
My GP was amazing and I ended up on medication, signed off from work and having counseling.
Fast forward a year and I’m studying part time, still struggling with the depression, still medicated and on benefits.
Today, I have to go to the job centre to meet with my personal advisor, I’ve met her once before. I believe I should have had more dealings with her by now but as it took Atos almost 4 months to make a decision following my medical, I’ve been left to get on with things myself.
I am now worried that this advisor has turned into an evil dragon since I last saw her and will decide that I am a worthless human. However, having worked in a job centre myself I know that rarely happens!
I don’t cope overly well with being told what to do at the moment, I’m trying to regain my “old me” and that takes most of my energy. I know I’m probably worried about nothing but I’ve been left to my in devices since January and am worried this may now bite me in the butt!
Now I’ve got that off my chest, I’d best get up from under my snuggly duvet and get myself ready for the day ahead.