Well, I survived the job centre, they have referred me to a provider that will help me find work around my university studies. This provider tried ringing me twice but didn’t leave a message so I only discovered it was them thanks to Google. I called them back only to be told that I couldn’t arrange an appointment that way and I’d have to wait for them to call me again! When they called back yesterday, even the guy arranging the appointment agreed it was a ridiculous waste of time!
Putting them to the back of my mind this weekend, got to do some research about putting TV cameras in courtrooms and come up with arguments against with 2 other students so we can present it to the rest of our class, eek!

Exciting stuff

Well, no post last week, sorry about that but I was hugely busy with Uni. I had 2 court visits to do and an extra class so I was literally out at Uni or on Uni related things every day last week. I won’t say anything about the court visits as there is so much I could say but not sure there’s much I can say legally.

And in other news, I have celebrated the first anniversary of my divorce and I coined the word divorceversary in honour of it, why not, right?

Today is my birthday, I have reached the ripe old age of 39 and have discovered that I truly am comfortable in my own skin, finally! In celebration I had 3 awesome days of breakfasts, chocolate on Saturday, cake on Sunday and pain au chocolat today. Tomorrow’s toast or porridge will seem boring in comparison.

And just to cheer (or upset) you all, there are 70 days left until 2013! Have fun, I’ll be back soon.