Don’t be embarrassed

When I moved into my little flat last January, I had very little in the way of “big stuff” for a flat. I had a bed, single mattress, vacuum cleaner, clothes and not much else. A friend lent me a washing machine and microwave and also let me relieve her of a corner sofa as she had a new one on order. I bought a fridge freezer and bingo, I was sorted. I bought other bits and pieces as I needed them, always cheaply as I am on benefits so don’t have huge amounts of spare cash to throw around.
Not that long ago, I managed to damage the seat on the sofa and am now in the position where I need to buy a new one as it is uncomfortable to sit on and I am sinking deeper into it! I sat down for several weeks and looked into any way that I could save money to buy one, even a secondhand one or, at a push, an armchair but every option was way beyond my budget.

I could have let myself get really down about this, a few months ago I probably would have done but now, I decided that I would investigate how to get it. A crisis loan is out of the question as I was told by the lady at the jobcentre that they have been stopped. I refuse to go to somewhere like Brighthouse or take out a payday loan so I took to the internet.

I found a website on one of my searches that could be used to search for charities and other organisations that would help someone in my situation. I emailed an application form to a charity and waited. Within a few days, they sent me a letter and advised me to get prices for a sofa and send them in. I got back on the internet and into the shops and sent off my request to the charity. It’s funny how nerve-wracking the waiting can be for something like this. I had a brief glimmer of hope but would they allow me to buy the sofa I wanted or would I have to go back to searching for one that they approved of? As luck would have it, I needn’t have worried, my request was approved and I am hoping to be able to order my sofa next week.

The moral of this is if you need something like this, there probably is someone out there who will be able to help but the key is to not be embarrassed about asking. If you had said to me 2 years ago that I would be getting money from a charity to buy a new sofa I would have laughed but, here I am now, excited about the chance to get a new sofa and proud of myself for asking for help. This is key, not everyone can access this sort of help, I know but if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Oh and if you come to see me over the next few months, please be kind to my sofa.

I’m fundraising!

Today I have signed up for a memory walk for The Alzheimer’s Society. Alzheimers and other forms of dementia are horribly debilitating for the individual sufferer but also affects their friends and family. My great aunt died of a heart attack in 2005, shortly after being diagnosed with alzheimers. She was fairly lucky in that she was able to still recognise family members as she hadn’t been dealing with the condition for very long time, others are not so lucky. 

My godmother is suffering from another form of dementia and is in a secure home. This is extremely difficult for her family as she was always such a vibrant character. It was with this in mind that I decided to sign up for the walk. Well, that and the fact that I am unable to run and a walk sounded easier! I am planning to train for it, I would be stupid to do otherwise! I am hoping to raise £100 although more would be nice. Just £50 pays for someone to attend a dementia cafe every week for a month so my target will go to helping 2 people which is fitting as two people that I care about have been afflicted. 

Please take a look at my page and donate whatever you can afford, I really do appreciate it.