I’m 40!

I was 40 on Tuesday and had an interesting day planned. It started with a tour round the Houses of Parliament which was fascinating. We even got to go into the House of Lords and were told a few interesting facts about parts of it. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos in the chamber. We couldn’t get into the House of Commons as they were sitting although we were told we could sit in the public gallery if we wanted after the tour. I chose not to as I had other things I wanted to do. I treated myself to a couple of things from the gift shop and wandered outside, thinking about going ito Westminster Abbey however, the entry fee of £18 was outside of my budget so I didn’t, one for a more financially robust day I think. I did take a few photos of the outside and of St Margarets Church.

I then travelled to Harrods as I wanted to book an afternoon tea for me and some friends. I wandered in and out of various departments, rapidly replaced a £58 cat food dish on the shelf very carefully and trying not to hyperventilate at the cost. I did get the afternoon tea booked and eventually found my way out, having no sense of direction is a nightmare in that store! I then travelled back to St Pancras for the high speed train home, happy, knackered and hungry!

A fair few people had said to me that they were worried about me spending the day on my own but I genuinely enjoyed it. I had a great time, got to do a load of people watching and did exactly what I wanted when I wanted…perfect!

Exciting stuff

Well, no post last week, sorry about that but I was hugely busy with Uni. I had 2 court visits to do and an extra class so I was literally out at Uni or on Uni related things every day last week. I won’t say anything about the court visits as there is so much I could say but not sure there’s much I can say legally.

And in other news, I have celebrated the first anniversary of my divorce and I coined the word divorceversary in honour of it, why not, right?

Today is my birthday, I have reached the ripe old age of 39 and have discovered that I truly am comfortable in my own skin, finally! In celebration I had 3 awesome days of breakfasts, chocolate on Saturday, cake on Sunday and pain au chocolat today. Tomorrow’s toast or porridge will seem boring in comparison.

And just to cheer (or upset) you all, there are 70 days left until 2013! Have fun, I’ll be back soon.