First post of 2016

I have purposely left my first post of the year until the end of January (honestly!) I did this purely to have a little more than just Christmas to reflect on. Christmas was great, my mum came down from Scotland to spend it with me. She even complimented me on the dinner although, if I’m honest, the slow cooker did the hard work. I made a fantastic pot roast for dinner and we both agreed it was amazing. I had quite a bit left over and it was just as good cold on Boxing Day.

I spent New Year’s night at home with my mum which was nice too although we were both in bed before midnight. I had to go to bed earlyish as I was on SERV duty from 6am on New Years Day. I spent the afternoon of New Years Eve in the cinema seeing Star Wars (in 3D!) I loved it although the 3D was a bit tricky to get used to at first. I was very proud of the fact that I didn’t duck or move to avoid anything flying out of the screen. I suspect that the person I went with appreciated that as well as it meant I didn’t head-butt him or land in his lap which would have been a little painful as I’m no lightweight!

On that subject, I am 2 stone lighter than I was last summer. It hasn’t been easy but I had given myself a goal of losing 30lbs by Christmas, I didn’t quite lose it by Christmas but got there eventually and long may it continue as I have a lot more stones to lose.

I’ve become something of a regular cinema visitor again which I am thoroughly enjoying, possibly because I’m going with someone who likes spending that time with me which is always a bonus. He also didn’t run away screaming when I said I’m a Tarantino fan which was a relief. I’m still not sure why so many men I know are intimidated by a woman that likes his films, we’re not all into chick flicks you know. In case you haven’t guessed, the last film we saw was The Hateful Eight, not Tarantino’s best film in my opinion but not terrible, less blood and guts than I was expecting though.

I submitted my 3rd essay a couple of weeks ago, the terrible second essay only got me 45% but as I really hadn’t put the effort into it, I’m pleased with that as it is above a pass and wasn’t a zero which is always a bonus!

The start of the new term sees me taking a module in social research methods. I am not ashamed to admit this one is going to be a struggle. You would think that any module without an exam is a cause for celebration and, normally, I would too. However, any module that has either social or sociology in the title fill me with terror. I have no idea why I struggle with those modules so much but I do. I have a feeling it could be because there are more theories discussed than facts. The criminology modules I have taken have had a good mix of theories and hard facts which seems to sit better with me. My struggle with sociology based modules could also be a self fulfilling prophecy, I see the word and my brain runs away screaming so I conclude I will struggle. I will update that theory when I submit my first assignment for it next month.

I’ve started dyeing my hair red again too and have loads of compliments on it including one of my (male) lecturers and, as lots of women will say, men rarely notice things like that. So it’s staying red for the foreseeable or until Nice n Easy stop selling my preferred shade. Note to them: please don’t do that until I am at least 70 and can no longer get away with it, thanks. Sadly, this is where my girliness kicks in, I chose not to wear a hat on one of the colder days recently as I only had a bright red one and it would have clashed with my hair. Yes, I actually said that! I don’t think there’s much point in me carrying on with this post now that everyone who knows me has passed out after reading that last sentence.

Now I have the first post of the year out the way, I’ll endeavour to post more often, hopefully for all of us, slightly shorter posts than this one.