University volunteering awards

On Thursday evening, I went to the volunteering awards “do” at the university. I met up with a classmate who was also collecting an award so that neither of us had to go in alone. The student union run a brilliant volunteering scheme where you log the hours you have done as well as any training courses relevant to your voluntary role.

We were called up to receive our certificates in groups of 4 or 5, much easier to do when there’s around 200 people present!

As well as awards that relate to the number of hours of student volunteering, there were also awards for a variety of societies and other great achievements. As I listened to all the amazing accomplishments of students and societies, I was amazed that so many of the full-time students managed to do so much in addition to their studies. I’m a part-time student and don’t manage to do quite as much!

You can imagine my surprise then as my name was called out as volunteer of the year! I genuinely couldn’t believe it and, in a way, still can’t. I was presented with a lovely glass award by the Chair of the voluntary committee and still can’t find the words to tell anyone what it means to me.

Later that night when I was still bouncing off the ceiling, I had a slightly serious thought. I have had an amazing year in so many ways and have achieved so much whilst struggling with depression, just imagine what I can do once my brain fixes itself! I guess it shows that sometimes, when life punches you in the face, you can punch it back, harder, faster and better! I now believe I can achieve almost anything I put my mind to and am looking forward to the next challenge.10295180_10152470881566789_7748269614523236659_o


2 thoughts on “University volunteering awards

  1. Congratulations on a very well deserved award…I also suffer with severe depression so I really do understand how hard it is to overcome this disease…hope your good health continues and since you are starting to soar, I am sure you will be flying in no time…..

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