In honour of a lovely lady

This post is dedicated to a lovely lady who has been going through a horrific time of late. I am sure as she and some of my other friends read this they will know exactly who I am talking about. The lady in question is 30 and has a gorgeous son, a toddler and is fighting breast cancer. Sadly, I know too many people who have been struck by this evil disease which is why I check my breasts regularly, perhaps more often than I need to but that doesn’t do any harm. 

Anyway, this lady has just finished her last round of chemotherapy and through it with the exception of a few and well understood wobbles has retained her sense of humour. She will start blushing shortly as me and most of her friends think she is simply awesome. Not many people can joke about losing eyelashes or eyebrows but she did. I have become less moany (yes, really!) as a result of this woman’s strength. After all, how can I possibly moan about a lack of money or slipping off a step when this woman is going through one of the most gruelling treatments and still looking after her son? 

As a tiny show of solidarity I am dyeing my hair pink in an effort to raise money for Cancer Research and would ask, politely of course, that you donate even a small amount to the cause. I know that things are very tight financially at the moment but this is a cause that I have supported for many years. If you can’t donate anything, please share the link to my Justgiving page and share the word as widely as you can. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and please send all your positive vibes to my lovely friend.


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