Emergency Service

I have a friend who works for the Ambulance Service and I am sure I am not alone in being as supportive of them as I am the Police and Fire Brigade. Remember, we do have 3 emergency services people 🙂

Mental Health Cop

I sometimes remember to marvel at some of my colleagues and did so again over the Christmas period – ordinary men and women doing an extraordinary job, away from their friends and families whilst we were at home – (it was my turn to be off!)  Their pay has been frozen for the last few years with their pensions being eroded compared to those they were promised when they joined up; there is comparatively little or absolutely no training for some of the functions that they are expected to undertake in their role; and sometimes they are patronised and misunderstood by senior members of Government who don’t really get their role at all.


A while ago, one of them was at a job where a man had attacked his partner with a knife and the man was known to have a risk history that flags up…

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