The power of Twitter

This post would have sat easily on my wheat free blog but I decided to put it on here instead to show people that twitter isn’t always a scary place to be.

On Friday, I sent a tweet asking if Rochester Farmers Market (in England for my international readers, not New York) had any gluten free stalls, the market is a 10 minute walk from me and I am always looking forward to finding new gluten free suppliers. They said that there wouldn’t be one this week but that there usually is.

A few minutes later, I got a tweet advising me that Simply No Gluten would be at the market in Aylesford but I tweeted back to say I can’t get there as I don’t have a car. That’s the boring bit over with and here is the amazing thing, the person who told me about this stall offered to collect what I wanted and bring it to the market in Rochester. I was astounded and read the tweet a few times to make sure I had it right, I mean, I don’t know this person and they don’t know me so they couldn’t be that kind, could they?

I was wrong, he was so I ordered carrot cake, peanut butter brownies and scones and let my newly found buddy know that I had ordered them. As an aside, ordering was easy, I did it by phone and then paid by paypal.

I met up with my new buddy and collected my delicious cakes, I have eaten 2 of the brownies and a big chunk of carrot cake and they are amazing!

So who was today’s cakey hero? He was the amazing Steve the Fish and I can say that although I might not have been to his stall today, I am certain I will in future! Give him a follow on twitter, he is a genuinely nice guy.


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