Motorcycle Paramedic Inspirational Fight With Pancreatic Cancer

What an inspiration!


andrew luckAndrew Luck, was only 41 when diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic adenocarcinoma in October 2011. Andrew who’s in a motorcycle-based response team and has been a dedicated paramedic for over 20 years both in Scotland and Surrey.

His friend Allie Jackson said:

Against all the odds he got his va va voom back, and will be returning to frontline duty following major surgery, double chemo and radiotherapy.

When Andrew was originally diagnosed this was a devastating shock as his mother had died a few years previously with the same cancer. But unfortunately, like many other cancer sufferers, that particular battle may have been over but the war wasn’t quite won. The cancer returned. Andrew now needs to undergo further chemo, however, his rights to occupational sick pay was stopped.

Andrew said:

At that time the tumour had been big enough to put pressure onto my duodenum and almost stop transit of…

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