Meeting Maggie

As well as getting Pete from The Cinnamon Trust, I have recently been approved as a volunteer dog walker. I didn’t know how long it would take for me to be allocated a dog but it didn’t take very long. Last week I met Maggie a cute and cheeky Westie. Her owner is a lovely lady, very chatty and makes a great coffee. The 3 of us went for a short walk just to see how Maggie and I got on. We had a good little trot although I ran out of treats and had to pretend I had some to persuade her to walk rather than sit. She obviously enjoyed herself as she went straight to bed when I got her home. 

On a Wednesday I will now be found somewhere round with a little westie walking about 10 steps before sitting for a treat but as she is an elderly girl, I will of course bend to her will. 

If you have some free time and would like to volunteer to walk a dog for someone who is unable to do so themselves, think about doing it through the Cinnamon Trust, have a look at their website and send your application in.