A year on

For this post I thought I’d sum up Pete’s first year with me, tomorrow is his “gotcha day”. In the last year he has amused me with his antics, grossed me out with his presents and shouted at me lots for yet more food.
I love pets with character and Pete has character in spades! He’s nearly 12 and can frequently been found playing like a kitten, once he spots you looking, he stops and starts licking his left front paw, always that one wish he could tell me why! He likes to sit on bags and the laptop, whether I’m using it or not and he has a highly developed waking up routine. He starts by sitting by the bed, meowing and chirruping. If that’s ignored, he graduates to sticking his claws in the bed cos he knows that gets a reaction. On occasion he’ll jump on the bed and poke me in the arm while yelling. It doesn’t take long for me to get up unless it’s 5am!
Watching his personality emerge over the last year has been amazing, he has come out of his shell and, I hope is happy and comfortable with me, one thing’s for sure he’s enriched my life by being. Don’t tell him I said that though or that he’s going to the vet on Thursday…thanks.

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