Pete’s first few days

The day after the Cinnamon Trust volunteer had brought Pete to me, I had to leave him, I had a ticket to see the Olympic men’s hockey and I wasn’t giving that up for anything! I was a little nervous leaving him as I was looking after a kitten at the time and they’d only really had a few supervised hours together. 

Olympic day dawned and I left, worried about I was going to come home to if I’m honest but it had to be done. I was fairly sure everything would be OK as Pete really didn’t seem to harbour any visciousness towards the kitten but you can never be sure. I came back late that night and was relieved when I opened the door to not find clumps of fur and blood all over the place. In fact, it looked very much like they’d been sleeping next to each other before I put my key in the door!

The next few days were dedicated to making Pete feel settled, it was quite warm but I couldn’t keep the back door open because the kitten hadn’t had his jabs and I didn’t want Pete disappearing. After he had been with me a few days, I went out into the garden with Pete. He wandered round, sniffed the air, rolled in the dirt, all the things that cats like to do and then he went back indoors. Over the next few days he spent longer outside and showed no signs of running away so I was able to calm down and worry less when he was outside, especially as I found he was quite biddable and responded to his name. To be fair, not always the first time you call him but he gets there fairly quickly. 

The kitten was rehomed and then me and Pete fell into a comfortable routine, he’d shout for food and I’d feed him, he’d shout at the back door and I’d open it, honestly, what more could a cat need? 

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