Struggling a little tonight

SInce February, I have been working pretty hard at losing weight and have lost around a stone and a half and have gone down 2 dress sizes which is brilliant. So, why is that I am doing so much to sabotage it at the moment? I am eating chocolate like it is going out of fashion, filling up on so much dinner that I feel sick and know that I am heading towards putting the weight back on but can’t seem to stop. 

I’m sat here after some late toast and I am almost in tears. I know what to do to stop this happening but I am struggling to make myself do it. I am waiting to hear from the exercise referral team, I can’t wait to start that and I want to start running (or jogging) as I have a lot of weight to lose and don’t want to get saggy skin. I know that exercise will help a bit with my depression too and beating myself up over the amount of food I’m eating doesn’t help with my depression at all but can’t stop it. 

Well, tomorrow is another day right? I’ll get my butt back into gear tomorrow and start again. Although I have not posted this looking for sympathy or anything if you have any tips on staying motivated, please post them, I’ll be ever so thankful. 

4 thoughts on “Struggling a little tonight

  1. First off ((hugs)). I know how hard it is to keep going when things get tough and I’m an emotional eater too. I’ve found just starting the exercise has helped me. Once I started I didn’t want to eat loads and sabotage myself. My mood lifted and I felt like I was working at something. Maybe try an exercise vid or just a quick routine of your own. It will help a lot and tide you over until your exercise sessions are sorted. Xxx

    1. Thanks so much hun, you’re a definite inspiration wih the exercise, that’s for sure! I’m feeling a little more positive today, hoping that helps me to start afresh this week xx

  2. I think sometimes when you’ve been really well behaved on the food front, your body starts craving the naughty stuff! I know I’ve certainly experienced them, then I feel guilty!
    You’ve done fab so far & I’m sure the exercising will give you a boost! xxx

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