Big day today

Later on today, I am attending a wine reception being hosted by the Howard League for Penal Reform of which I am a member. They are a charity and are on their homepage have the motto ‘less crime, safer communities, fewer people in prison’. Penal reform is something I am interested in and have gathered a tiny bit of knowledge during my first year at university. 

Anyway, this do is being held in the House of Commons, a building I have seen frequently whilst working in London and now I am being given the chance to go inside. I have been told by many that I am being very brave in going on my own but, let’s be honest, when you live on your own you have to go to places on your own. My boyfriend is working so he can’t come, I have friends that could have come of course but not everyone wants to traipse along to something like that just because I am interested in the topic. Anyway, I used to live and work in London so heading up on the train isn’t scary but the thought of going inside such an iconic building is a little exciting/scary/overwhelming but I am really looking forward to it. I must be, I have bought a whole new outfit and people who know me will know I am not usually that girly. If I get the chance to take photos, I might even put them up for you if you’re really unlucky. 

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