My equipment has arrived

Yesterday was DSA day. That is, the day when all my equipment was delivered. I was over excited and was ensconced on the sofa 10 minutes before the earliest time they were likely to arrive. The 2 hour window came and went so I called to make sure they hadn’t forgotten me although I suspected the driver had got stuck in traffic, which he had! The delivery of everything went really smoothly, the engineer was a fellow cat lover so showed a lot of attention to Pete the cat who had to inspect everything as it was coming out the box. He soon mooched off when he realised none of it was edible!

So, I am now the proud owner of a brand new laptop with Windows 8 on which I am slowly getting used to. I have a headset to use with Dragon which I had great fun playing with. I also have a digital voice recorder (or dictaphone for us oldies) which terrifies me but I am sure once I have read the manual that is at least 3 times the size of the recorder I’ll soon have it sussed.

I am now hugely enthusiastic about starting back in September as I have all the support that I need and that makes me determined to do my absolute best going forward. So thank you Student Finance and University of Kent, I really do appreciate your support.

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