Yesterday I sat my introduction to criminology exam. I was not in the slightest concerned about the exam; my attendance in the last term has been horrific due to my mental health decline but even though I didn’t attend like I should have, I was still determined to sit the exam. 

My mentor talked me through what to expect while there, where the bag room was and how I would find my desk, the 2 most essential things to me. 

I got on the bus, switched on the ipod and switched off my brain. Well, until the bus driver decided that he needed to sit for 5 minutes at several bus stops leaving me almost homicidal! The one thing I hadn’t thought to ask my mentor was whether I would be allowed in the exam room if I was late. However, due to my speedy little legs and amazing knowledge of the building the exams were held in, I arrived a minute or two before the exam started! There were quite a few of us in the room, at least 5 different exams were being sat in the same room, 2 of those lasting just 2 hours and the rest of us lucky people had 3 hour exams. 

I read all 12 questions on the sheet, of which I had to choose 4. I chose my first question to answer and I was off and writing. In the end, I managed to choose and answer 4 questions with 40 minutes to spare. I toyed with the idea that I should sit there and re-read my answers until I fell asleep but decided not to so I raised my hand and asked to leave. 

When I got home, I sat on the sofa and grinned to myself, I had done it. Pass or fail, it didn’t matter, I had sat and finished an exam, my first of many I suspect. Then my belly rumbled so I treated myself to 2 bacon and egg sandwiches which I ate surprisingly quickly. The natural high of finishing the exam lasted until around 5pm when I fell asleep and woke up 2 and a half hours later! So, failure and resits aside, I am free to do what I like until the end of September when the next year starts. But, being the kind of person I am, I won’t be relaxing, I have a major de-cluttering and DIY project on my hands, it’s called sorting my flat out and painting it. What have I let myself in for? 


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