I came across this link on Facebook and it shocked me to the core. Not the fact that they wanted photos and videos from the public and then said that filming and photographing is suspicious but the fact that someone, somewhere actually believes this. Before everyone jumps up and down on my head, I would like to say that I was horrified by the bombing in Boston and, having been to the Brighton marathon not long before, I can understand how horrific an attack like that would be in an area crowded with hundreds of thousands of people; and I do recall the seemingly constant bomb scares in London during the height of the IRA action. 

However, to come out and say that photography can lead to these sort of attacks is, I think misguided. In the decades of the troubles in Northern Ireland, the technology to film or take photographs with something as small as today’s smartphones just didn’t exist so what else would it be blamed on instead? In my opinion, terrorist attacks are the fault of the terrorist, no one and nothing else. 

If the belief that is mentioned in the article came over to the UK then I would run the risk of being arrested for terrorism every time I leave my home! I photograph all sorts of things; clothes I want to buy in the shops, funny things I see on walls and fences as well as places and things of touristy interest. And, despite this article and the fact that I am in the UK and don’t have to fear Homeland Security, I shall continue to do so. So, to all my friends on face book, I will still continue to photograph the cat and my food but you are going to get more random photos from when I’m out and about, it would be rude not too! 

DHS and FBI Release Statement After Boston Bombings That Photography Can Lead to Terrorism | PINAC.


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