Looking for good days out?

Yesterday I went to the Medway English festival. It wasn’t a celebration of English as a language or part of the curriculum but more of “Englishness”. It was held in Riverside Country Park and was split into distinct areas/themes. For example, there was a “seaside” are complete with “beach” and deckchairs. Just opposite the beach donkey rides were taking place and a little further still you could meet many animals such as chickens, ponies and ferrets as well as birds of prey. There was also a dog agility course which enthralled my friend’s daughter quite a lot!

There were the usual food vans – burgers, sausages, hog roast and fish and chips. Sadly nothing gluten free so I took my own.

In addition to a variety of stalls and fair rides, there were also some wandering entertainers including duelling lollipop ladies, one of which informed us that her adversary smelt of cabbage! The birdwatchers were quite amusing too but they were both surpassed by the seagulls. Several people were dressed as seagulls, complete with snapping beaks and the raging appetite of a standard seagull. I was at the festival with 2 friends and their daughters, one of whom slowly walked up to this seagull and gently stroked its beak, it was really quite sweet to see. The seagull was more engrossed in watching the other girl eating her ice cream, holding it as far away from him as possible and growling at him! He did make an attempt to get the ice cream which resulted in her moving the ice cream further back and smacking her mum in the face with it! I am not ashamed to admit that I laughed, we all did as the seagull moved on.

We got on the park and ride bus around 4ish, yet another free offering for this day out. I was really surprised that the park and ride was free, most charge you an exorbitant amount.

Anyway, the point of this post wasn’t just to bore you to tears over a day that you have missed out on but to celebrate all the events that Medway has to offer. I am truly lucky to live in an area that is so historic and that celebrates that history. Next month is The Sweeps festival and in June, we have the Dickens festival. If you are looking for things to do in Medway, the best place to look is the Visit Medway website where you can search by area or category, you will be amazed at what there is to see, I know I was!



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