Clumsiness abounds!

Today has been an interesting day, sort of! I had a job interview on a local industrial estate which involved using the other Medway bus company. I stood at the bus stop reading the timetable and making sure I was at the right stop when someone drove through a puddle and soaked my leg and bum!
I went to the interview soggy, cold, grubby and a little hacked off. My mood lifted when I got there and I interviewed quite well (I think). Walking back to the bus stop, I was reading an email from University when I noticed I was coming up to a sign that I needed to duck under. I ducked but not quite enough! It seemed that the clanging of my head against road sign echoed round the estate but made me laugh at myself, not necessarily a bad thing.
So, I get home and plonk myself down with a coffee. Now, I’m on Easter break from Uni and have loads of jobs that need doing around the flat before I start decorating in the summer break. I dig out the shredder and run all those letters and other documents I’ve been meaning to get rid of for ages. I grab the last few sheets and manage to cut myself rather spectacularly on a corner and there’s blood all over the bits I’m shredding. Less than 5 minutes later and there are tears and blood mingling together on my tissue as I attempt to stem the bleeding whilst laughing hysterically.
Luckily, I’m used to doing stupid things like that and regularly discover bruises on bits of me that I don’t remember knocking. I’m also hoping that it is true that things like that do happen in threes as I have to walk down stairs to go to bed later.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, I do have a bump on my head. I hope your day has been less eventful than mine.


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