Why you should (sometimes) listen to your mum

I’m sure my mum will see this but I’m not likely to say anything here that I wouldn’t say directly to her. Plus, she lives in the North East of Scotland so she can’t thump me from there! Anyway, my mum is pretty cool or nuts if you prefer. She has, like me, brilliant ideas. Sadly though, also like me, sometimes not everyone is as receptive to her ideas and those ideas tend to get ignored.
We were discussing my recent mental decline were I moaned about achieving loads in the last year and having nothing to look forward to. She obviously took this on board and it rolled around in her brain because the next time we spoke, she’d had an idea. It’s a simple one but really works, well for me anyway. Teased you enough? 🙂
The idea that she came up with is to note down everything I have achieved so far, with dates, in a book specifically for this purpose. Alongside this, she suggested noting down other things that I want to do, places I want to visit, colour schemes for my flat etc.
I can hear the collective groan there but I’ve given it a try and it has really perked me up. I’m more enthused about life going forward and can keep the fuzzy feelings from the things I have already done. It’s a great thing for ideas and reliving memories.
Mum has created a monster though, I was listing out all the housework jobs for each room and decided to do each room in alphabetical order so be aware, it’s a great idea but might take you over. If you still think it’s daft, try it for a week and see how it makes you feel.
Anyway, got to go, need to cross more things off my list!!


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