I’m still here!

I guess I have neglected my blog lately, I didn’t mean to but sometimes life gets to you and you forget to be sociable either face to face or online! 

I am still here though, going through the normal stresses and strains of life, university and everything. See what I did there? 

I guest posted on another blog today, some of you may not be aware that I have a struggle with depression, have had for some time now and it’s getting tough at the moment. Life can put stress and difficulties on anyone but more so in some respects on those of us with depression. If you have a friend who you think is having a tough time then drop them an email or text them but don’t ask the usual how are you question as you’ll probably get the age old I’m fine in return. Tell them a joke or relate a funny thing you’ve seen, trust me, just laughing can make things seem better. 

Once you’ve done that, check out http://thedepressedmoose.com/ he is hugely honest and might be able to make you see the world through someone else’s eyes if you don’t understand depression yourself.

It’s 2013!

So, I survived my own cooking at Christmas which is always a good thing to admit. I have also not set any New Year’s resolutions for a change. Considering I am one of those people that has usually broken them 2 weeks into the year I thought I’d better not bother this year. Instead, I am committing to improving up my weight loss/exercise regime. Since last March, I have lost 20lbs which is pretty good going to be honest, especially for someone who is not exactly 100% motivated all the time. 

I have also started volunteering with SERV Kent as a controller and tonight is my first shift. I have had control of the phones and men on bikes since 7pm last night and will hand it back at 6am. For my information, click here to be taken to their website, sorry but I am not awake enough to type that much info for you, it has just gone 3am you know! The University encourages students to volunteer, we can be awarded a variety of certificates dependent on the number of hours of volunteering we have done and which of a vast number of skills we have used during that time. 

I go back to University next week and have been missing it a fair bit this week. I have a small piece of work to finish off, nothing that is desperately needed but it has to be in before term starts which is made extremely easy in the age of internet and email.  

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, normal service will be resumed after the start of term.