It’s nearly Christmas!

In a week’s time it’ll be Christmas Eve. I bet all of those of you out there with children will be going quietly demented by then with all the extra demands on your time that this time of year thrusts upon you.
I’m on my own for Christmas this year at my choice. And, despite what some people think I am really looking forward to it. Telly chefs are helping with my dinner and my sofa is helping with the rest! Here’s where I get a little serious. I have chosen this for myself, I haven’t been forced into it at all. However, there are people out there who are not lucky enough to make that decision for themselves. If you have a neighbour, friend or just a person that you walk past in the street that you know will be on their own, and lonely, this Christmas. Pop a card through their door or knock on the door and wish them a merry Christmas. You might be the only person they see over the festive season, maybe all month or year!
Have a great Christmas, I know I will and if you’re really unlucky I might post some pics of me in my pjs eating dinner lol


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