It’s nearly Christmas!

In a week’s time it’ll be Christmas Eve. I bet all of those of you out there with children will be going quietly demented by then with all the extra demands on your time that this time of year thrusts upon you.
I’m on my own for Christmas this year at my choice. And, despite what some people think I am really looking forward to it. Telly chefs are helping with my dinner and my sofa is helping with the rest! Here’s where I get a little serious. I have chosen this for myself, I haven’t been forced into it at all. However, there are people out there who are not lucky enough to make that decision for themselves. If you have a neighbour, friend or just a person that you walk past in the street that you know will be on their own, and lonely, this Christmas. Pop a card through their door or knock on the door and wish them a merry Christmas. You might be the only person they see over the festive season, maybe all month or year!
Have a great Christmas, I know I will and if you’re really unlucky I might post some pics of me in my pjs eating dinner lol

Almost the end of term

Next week is my twelfth week at university, also known as the last week of term. I go back on the 16th January, not too sure what to do with all that time off!

I will, of course, catch up on some of the reading I’ve missed and try to get some notes and information together for the essay due in March.
In January, we have a different lecturer for our Criminology module as our previous one is leaving. As well as that, we start a new law module as well, how exciting. Although, I am struggling a little with the thought that all but one of the students will be leaving me behind after the summer as they’re full time and will go onto their second year, leaving me to start the second half of their first year. I really wish my brain hadn’t put that thought in my head!

I am going to ignore that thought until the summer though, I promise. After all, I have a few weeks off coming up!

Dickens Festival

I love living in such a historic area! Today was the start of the 2 day Dickensian Christmas Festival in Rochester. I walked there with a friend of mine and her 4 year old daughter. There were quite a few (read thousands!) people there, quite a lot of them in costumes from the time. Sadly, several of the restaurants and pubs on the High Street hadn’t made the necessary precautions for such a busy time. 

We went into one place where we managed to get a table only to be told we’d have to wait for about an hour and a half for food and that the staff were so rushed off their feet that they were getting orders wrong. We decided not to stay and walked back over Rochester Bridge to Strood for food there. I wandered home and had aubergine casserole from yesterday while the others went to KFC, a place that I haven’t been to for 6 years thanks to a wheat allergy! How I miss that chicken….

Anyway, if you’re stuck for something to do tomorrow, come to historic Rochester, the festival is definitely worth a visit as is Rochester itself.