So, I have an essay to submit by 4pm next Wednesday. Is it nearly finished? Final read through needs doing? Just a quick spell-check and it’s all done? Errr, nope! I have some words down, ideas floating round my head which I can’t scratch out onto the page!

I do have a load of stuff round the place done, I have tidied and decluttered a kitchen cupboard, ironed and re-hung my living room curtains, done 2 loads of washing, some shopping, loads of Facebook and Twitter posts but not a huge amount of essay stuff! I do now feel like a proper student though.

Until today, the curtains that are now hanging in my living room were never going to make a reappearance. They were here when I moved into the flat and are not my taste at all. They do go quite well with my sofa which I moved the other day when I should have been writing my essay! This and the fact that I still haven’t chosen a pair I do like has meant they are now hanging back up. I ironed them too so they don’t look too bad at all.

My step dad told me on Facebook that my place will be sparkling by Tuesday and he could well be right but I really must get this damn essay done! Any hints to get my butt in the chair and my typing head on would be great! I wish I could change my head like Worzel Gummidge, essay writing would be so much easier! Hmm, definitely just aged myself there, now, what else can I dust…….


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