Talking and other stuff

On Tuesday, I am delivering my part of a presentation to the class. I am working with 2 other students and we have to stand in front of the others and talk, not my favourite thing! Well, I like talking but not like that.

I have researched a number of things that are reasons against having cameras in a courtroom and have a great friend coming over tomorrow to listen to (and time) me delivering it. I only have 3 minutes to deliver it in but when I’m nervous I do gabble a little which could mean I run out of things to say before my time’s up.

I have put this out of my mind now, have to, have an essay due on the 28th, lots still to do for that like research and write it!

People make jokes about students being lazy but believe me, it is far from the truth! I am studying at half the pace of a full time student, don’t work, have no kids and I am finding keeping up is a bit of a struggle on occasion. Next time a knackered person tells you they’re a student don’t assume they’ve been out on the lash, they might just have been working on 2 or 3 essays!

Watch this space, I have a jewellery making kit on it’s way to me. I might share pictures of thinks I’ve made, if they’re not too crap!


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