First assignment

Well, today I finished and submitted my first assignment. I had managed to work this up to a massive problem in my brain to the point where I couldn’t focus on it. In short, I had to read a book and review it.

I know what you’re thinking, easy, right? Wrong! This isn’t one of those “I read this book and it was good…” reviews that we probably all did at junior school. This is a review of a book written by an academic which is intended to be written in such a way as to persuade other academics they need to buy it. So, I opened the book up and my brain dissolved.

I thought this was because I hadn’t read a book like this before but no, as I discovered yesterday, it’s because I don’t read in the correct way. I attended 3 workshops at Uni yesterday, that’s right, students can learn at the weekend! These workshops all related to study techniques and were particularly aimed at mature students. The techniques we were taught in relation to reading effectively were amazing, at least we thought so. Don’t panic, I won’t bore you with them.

So, today, enthused by the workshop and having run out of things to distract myself with I sat down to use these techniques to read the book I was reviewing and approximately 6 hours later, I had written and submitted my book review and am now feeling pretty awesome! I did mean to have an early night as I have to visit a court tomorrow with 2 other students but I am too excited still.

I will blog as much as I can this week as I am celebrating my divorce and my birthday next weekend so might not be able to see until the following weekend.



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