Exciting stuff

Well, no post last week, sorry about that but I was hugely busy with Uni. I had 2 court visits to do and an extra class so I was literally out at Uni or on Uni related things every day last week. I won’t say anything about the court visits as there is so much I could say but not sure there’s much I can say legally.

And in other news, I have celebrated the first anniversary of my divorce and I coined the word divorceversary in honour of it, why not, right?

Today is my birthday, I have reached the ripe old age of 39 and have discovered that I truly am comfortable in my own skin, finally! In celebration I had 3 awesome days of breakfasts, chocolate on Saturday, cake on Sunday and pain au chocolat today. Tomorrow’s toast or porridge will seem boring in comparison.

And just to cheer (or upset) you all, there are 70 days left until 2013! Have fun, I’ll be back soon.

First assignment

Well, today I finished and submitted my first assignment. I had managed to work this up to a massive problem in my brain to the point where I couldn’t focus on it. In short, I had to read a book and review it.

I know what you’re thinking, easy, right? Wrong! This isn’t one of those “I read this book and it was good…” reviews that we probably all did at junior school. This is a review of a book written by an academic which is intended to be written in such a way as to persuade other academics they need to buy it. So, I opened the book up and my brain dissolved.

I thought this was because I hadn’t read a book like this before but no, as I discovered yesterday, it’s because I don’t read in the correct way. I attended 3 workshops at Uni yesterday, that’s right, students can learn at the weekend! These workshops all related to study techniques and were particularly aimed at mature students. The techniques we were taught in relation to reading effectively were amazing, at least we thought so. Don’t panic, I won’t bore you with them.

So, today, enthused by the workshop and having run out of things to distract myself with I sat down to use these techniques to read the book I was reviewing and approximately 6 hours later, I had written and submitted my book review and am now feeling pretty awesome! I did mean to have an early night as I have to visit a court tomorrow with 2 other students but I am too excited still.

I will blog as much as I can this week as I am celebrating my divorce and my birthday next weekend so might not be able to see until the following weekend.


Sad day

Today was the funeral of one of the PCs shot last month in an ambush attack masquerading as a burglary. Reading all the tweets on my timeline about the tremendous pulling together of police forces and public alike has had two effects on me. On the one hand, it is making me very proud to be British that in the face of such atrocity we can all stand together. On the other hand, I am incredibly sad. It hurts when someone you work with dies, whatever the circumstances. Imagine just for a minute though that you leave for work everyday subconsciously knowing that today could be the day you don’t return home. As a police officer, that does happen. Not that every police officer feels that on a daily basis although I assume they are at the moment.
I can’t imagine having a job like that and doff my metaphorical cap to all of those that do the job I know I couldn’t.
My thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues of PC Nicola Hughes as they will be with those of her colleague, PC Fiona Bone tomorrow. Rest in peace ladies and thank you for all you did