First week done

So, I survived my first “proper” week at Uni. In this week, I had 2 lectures, a seminar and a workshop titled “getting started at university”.
The lectures were introductory ones, detailing what our lecturers expected from us, what we could expect from them, talks about assessments and exams. All the normal stuff you need to start you off in the right way.
We were given a quiz in the seminar to determine what (if anything) we knew about crime. I haven’t added up my score but I did quite well. We also chose the books we wanted to review for our first assessment which is due on 17th October so I sense I will be busy until then! I’m weird in that I am looking forward to getting the first piece of work in but also hoping my brain doesn’t explode!
There isn’t much I can say about the workshop, the guy taking it started by telling us what the symbol of Kent means, not the university but the county!

It got more eccentric from there but the handouts were useful.
In summary (ooh student speak there lol) I had a great week and am looking forward to next week and getting more involved in the lectures.

First lecture and other things

I had my first lecture today and to say I was looking forward to it is an understatement. Sadly, I am full of cold and was really worried about sneezing or sniffling my way through the hour! In the end, I needn’t have worried as I made it through without a sneeze and not too many sniffles.

The first lecture was really just an introduction to the way that the module will progress and how our assessments will be dealt with. I can’t believe we are already thinking about assessments but this particular module doesn’t have an exam in the Summer so we have to get to grips with the assessments ASAP.

No seminar for this module today so I went to reception and collected the education certificates I had to hand in at registration. I feel much more comfortable having them back home. I have also been trying to sort out the financing of my course. This is the first year that part-time students have had access to tuition fee loans from Student Finance England and they are having a slight problem with my course code as I am studying a full-time course on a part-time basis. I have poked the relevant people so will stand back for a little while (again).

Despite this slight bump in the road, I am even more excited about my student journey. Long day tomorrow, lecture and seminar for my other module a workshop designed to help students starting at University and then in the evening, a St John’s meeting, one of the groups I signed up to during fresher’s week.

Almost inducted

Today is the final day of my university induction week and I am still so excited about it that I am bouncier than a bouncy thing. I am also exhausted!
Since being diagnosed with depression last October, I have not worked and so haven’t needed a daily routine. Starting university has given me that need for a routine back. Listening to lots of information and trying to retain it is tiring as is being so excited about the next day that you can’t sleep!
I am looking forward to a weekend lie in but also have to make sure I do the required reading before my first proper lecture on Tuesday.

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Timetables and buses

Got my lecture timetable today, I have 2 a week and have still to find out yet about seminars and tutorials.
I am still ridiculously excited about my new future, especially now I can see what I will be doing every week of this academic year.

As I now know which days I need to be in on, I decided to look into bus passes. My local bus company offer a few for students but the savings aren’t that great so I called them to check and got told that not all passes save you money! I always thought that was the point of a bus pass but maybe I’m just weird lol

I think I have decided which pass to aim for and might also start properly investigating the Medway area by bus, something I haven’t yet got round to.

Starting Uni

Today, I registered at the University of Kent as a mature student. I applied to study towards a BA (Hons) in criminal justice studies and really wasn’t sure I’d be accepted but I was.
My schooling finished in 1990 at the ripe old age of 16. I toyed with college until I joined the Met Police as a traffic warden in 1992.

Obtaining gainful employment smashed my dream of going to Uni or so I thought!

I will attempt to blog about my experiences and study regularly but I am a serial blog starter (and gym joiner) so I can’t guarantee it!